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Made in Italy
100% natural materials
sizes 35/ 42  -heel 13 cm + plateau  4 cm 
shoes lenght
35  =  23.00 CM
36  =  23.50 CM
37  =  24.00 CM
38  =  24.50 CM
39  =  25.00 CM
40  =  25.50 CM
41  =  26.00 CM
42  =  27.00 CM
K9510 NERO


Size Guide

If you don't know how to get the right size for your foot, download and follow the tutorial HERE

Shoe size and length along the curve:

International XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Europe 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
US 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
UK 3.5 4 5 5.5 6 6.5 7.5 8 9 9.5
CM (Centimeters) 23 23.5 24 24.5 25 25.5 26 26.5 27 27.5
INC (inches) 9.5 9.25 9.44 9.64 9.98 10 10.23 10.43 10.63 10.83

Size Guide
Color: BLACK
Numero: size 35 IT - 4 US - 3 UK - 23 cm

Wood effect base clogs (BLACK ), look leather band, real leather - 13 cm heel + 4 cm platform. Stable and comfortable made entirely in ITALY. Craftsmanship


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K9510 NERO

Data sheet

Heel height

Specific References


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Surprise, in the box!

It is one of those nights, ... when it is cold, windy and rainy. Just when the feeling of boredom was about to become, ... well, unbearable, I looked at my Kiaras, played a bit with them and, just when one mule slid of my foot, I got an idea; to check their website. I wasn't sure, that, at that very moment, I had anything specific on my mind, except being interested in my favourite style of shoes; the adorable mules, with four centimeter tick plateau, slightly pronounced arch and, thirteen centimeter high, stiletto heel. <br /> <br /> Soon, it became apparent that I will end up with more shoes. Choosing first two pairs was pretty easy. But for the third pair of mules, ... I only knew, that I want them, as simple and black. I left the purchase unfinished, and went to sleep. After l came back from work, I have noticed, that I cannot finish my purchase, because the third pair was out of stock! I mean,... like,... I couldn't believe it?! My decision was, to contact the company "Kiara shoes", directly, because, just maybe, they have another pair left, somewhere? Instead of saying "Sorry, you're late. We don't have these clogs anymore. Good bye.", the nice lady did an honest effort to find shoes I wanted so much. At one point, her colleague stepped in, obviously noticing my stubbornness. I explained to him, that I have decided to take thing in my own hands, even, if it means paying them, to make another pair of such mules. He kindly explained, that even that option isn't possible, because the entire series was sold out. However, since these mules are replaced with sandals of the same basis, maybe they can do something about it? He then led me through the procedure, of getting mules, instead of sandals, and that was it! A few days later, I got the shoes. I opened the first box, and immediately tried the adorable mules I found in it! I opened the second box, and tried the sexy pair of mules!! Now, let's check the adorable, third pair!!! And, ... oh, no. Instead of mate black mules, I have got, mate black sandals! I took them out of the box, looked at them, and, disappointedly asked myself, should I send them back, without even trying them on? Or,... maybe,...? l will keep, these Kiara K9510 Nero! <br /> <br /> A few weeks, later,...<br /> <br /> These, clog-based sandals, are radiating aura of confidence and sensuality, and I will start their description, with the plateau; it is four centimeters tick, and is a masterpiece, of anatomy. The plateau itself is an eye-catching, styling detail. The arch of the shoe is, like,... so much supportive! Below my heel is sensually shaped, highest point of the footbed, with a ( double ) layer of cushioning, that not only increases comfort, but follows the design theme of the sandal, as well! Cool detail. :-) What l cannot see while wearing these sandals, but onlookers can, is a thirteen centimeters high, stiletto heel. Adding to comfort is the well distributed weight, of these sandals. They are light, well balanced, and create a distinctive sound, whilst stepping on hard surfaces, which l like a lot, and l am certain, that the others do, too. Since l have mentioned,... clicking and clacking,... how it is for me, to wear these sandals? Standing,... they feel sooo good, on my feet! Feet are arched in a naturally tense way, and the sole of the shoe, holds the foot, as a powerful, but gentle hand, would. The lower part of the plateau is curved enough, to make my steps as easy, as they could be. Simple, as they are, these sandals have one strap to hold the toes, and one Y-strap, to keep my ankles, in place. However, l have noticed, that the toe strap is differently positioned, unlike the one, on clogs,... like,... closer to the tips of my toes. The designer has used very strong leather, for the upper parts of these sandals, and there are some fancy nails, used with both, purpose, and esthetics, in mind. The ankle strap gives me feeling, of a different kind of confidence. Like,... it is about that,... subconscious feeling,... When wearing mules, l feel confident, too, but at the same time, there is that sense of exposure, and vulnerability,... which l actually, somehow, desire. I feel the need, for an invisible but strong hand,... With these sandals on my feet, the sense of a sexy vulnerability is still there, but that hand is now visible, and is embodied, in the ankle strap. As my friend has noticed, there are only two sounds that they produce, unlike the mules; there are only clic and clack, without a slap, but l can sense, that a lot of guys are taking a second look. Besides,... although the sole of the foot is less exposed, the arch is more exposed, to the view. My neck, shoulders, back, booty and legs, are well supported, in these, mule-based, sandals. l feel, that their designer, deserves a huge hug! :-) So, what will l wear, with these simple and elegant, sandals? My choice of a black, long sleeved blouse, nude shiny pantyhose and navy blue, flared jeans ( that reveas just the toe strap, toes, plateau and half of the stiletto, while l am standing, ) l see, as the most attractive combination. <br /> <br /> What started as mistake and disappointment, quickly ended up, being one of my favourite sandals! Thank you, Kiara shoes. <br /> <br />

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Verified purchase
Customer Care


These are the most perfect shoes! They fit true to size and the way they hug the arch of my feet.. it was like they were custom made. The straps have no elastic so they will last forever and the toe band is roomy without being too loose. Leather is soft and great quality as well as the construction of the base. I cannot believe how perfect (and affordable) they are, I love them!!

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